Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Trailer: Painting Opens Tomorrow!

"The Trailer" by Jim Carpenter, Acrylic on Crescent Board, 20" x 11"

"Take the weavers. Before the invention in 1764 of the spinning jenny... weavers were generally self-employed and worked as and when they chose." Tom Hodgkinson

Remember Who Is In Charge! 

Since I have committed to the 30 Day Challenge I do find myself wanting to produce a painting a day. My process really isn't one that produces a painting a day - and everything I've produced in the Challenge, save the Alaska painting, has begun with a start - and in some instances, a "start" that is pretty far along.  I usually can manage to pull it out, but today I got busy on a "start" and it turned into something that I am quite intrigued with and I've decided not to try to finish it today. 

I want to wait until tomorrow when the conditions are better. It's dark out now and I want to finish this in the daylight.  So I am revolting against my boss, Jim Carpenter (aka Me,) who is saying that I really should finish it tonight otherwise I'm failing at my job. "Job!" Ha! This is not a job, Carp! This is my idle pleasure time.  

As a compromise I am submitting 1/3 of the painting. Wild, huh.  Well, you know, I am in charge. Like the weavers of yesteryear, I get to choose.  So I am revealing - as a "trailer" - one part of the painting - the far right side. My hunch is that I won't be touching this portion of the painting tomorrow. But you never know.  

I suppose I could make this a triptych. Then I'd be good till Friday!  

Happy Rambling, folks!  


  1. Intrigued! Love what is going on here, and I do think it works as it is. Love the bold colors, and the scribbles... look forward to seeing the rest... and if you make any changes here ;)

    1. I did not make any changes on this side of the painting. I was focused on the left side of the painting today - trying to make a transition from one section to the next - I just finished it. That is, just signed it.