Thursday, September 19, 2013

Contemplation & Art

"Contemplation" by Jim Carpenter, Acrylic on Paper, 11" x 11"

Day 19 - Painting #16 "Contemplation"

The word contemplation means long or thoughtful observation. Sometimes it carries the connotation of religious or spiritual meditation.  It comes from the Latin roots "com" which means "with" and "templum" which was "a place for taking auguries." An augur studied and observed nature very closely  and interpreted nature, determining what was a sign and what the sign meant.  

I titled this painting "Contemplation" because the figures either appear to be in deep thought or are a standing invitation to step into deep thought.  

Perhaps painting itself is an act of contemplation.  The artist takes her paint and canvas into the field and observes nature and in deep thought interprets it.  Every painting is an act of interpretation.  Is every painting the result of some contemplation either in the immediate act of painting or from previous study.  Can a brilliant painter of flowers paint a flower without ever having contemplated the flower? Its structure. Its color?  Its detail?  

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