Saturday, September 21, 2013

Life's Images: Artifacts

"Artifacts" by Jim Carpenter, Acrylic on Paper

Day 21 Painting #18 in the 30 in 30 Challenge

I don't often paint with metallic paints, but I loved the neutral palette and the faded ancient look of these figures. They reminded me of the iconic images one might see in a painting in a sacred space.  And so I got out the liquid gold acrylic and let it flow around the images.  

A recurring theme in my paintings is the un-covering or dis-covering of a painting done long ago, the image faded but the mark and the care of the artist still discernible. To  me it speaks of the longevity of art, the images that persevere through time, the traces we all leave behind.  


  1. (I thought I had commented on this days ago.) I am not a gold person. I prefer cooler tones and metals. But the hint of gold does lend a regal air, sacred, worthy of worship or at least respect. I love the lights and darks in this. Are they staying in the shadows, or coming out of a gentle fog? There is a sense of community, a bond, a communion.

    1. Hi Sheila, Tjis painting was very gray before I added the gold. I applied it loosely with a lot of water so that it flowed and remained somewhat transparent. I love your comments, and the questions you pose. I also get that sense of community among them and a sense of the sacred.