Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Creative Spirit Has A Mind Of Its Own: The Emissary

"Carolyn & Bill" by Jim Carpenter, Acrylic on Paper

Painting #19 Day #21 - 30 in 30 Challenge

I know that this seems like quite a departure from the rest of my paintings in the challenge -- letters, numbers, words you can read, and the couple in a kiss.  But, there are some things it has in common with the others. The figures are abstract.  The palette is identical to all the others.  There is written text on the wall that looks like it has been carved into over the years by the two lovers. And the entire painting has a feeling of having been around for a while. 

I actually love this little painting...  And it appeared as if by magic.  I was unable to attend the 50th Golden Anniversary celebration of my dear friends Carolyn and Bill because their party was 900 miles away and taking place on the same weekend that I was to receive my Signature membership in the Florida Watercolor Society.  When I say that this painting appeared as if by magic, I mean exactly that. This painting was something else entirely before it became what it is.  The painting that was twice as long - and was about "journey."  In fact, I had actually written a blog post to go with it (written while I was trapped in a garage for 5 hours while my car was being serviced!) But, as usual, as I was finishing up the "journey" late at night I made an adjustment to the central figure, and then everything started to shift, and in short time I understood where the painting wanted to go and what it wanted to become. 

I am beginning to believe that if we can relax and let the creative energy flow, that our intentions will come to fruition.  In this instance, the Creative Spirit just swooped in and created something that I could send as an emissary for this special weekend for two very special friends.  


  1. I am still learning that lesson Jim. So often I start with an agenda... wanting to be "good". But my best pieces are the ones where I have just let go, and start spreading paint for the fun of it. This is such a lovely gift. Quite spiritual. Spirit filled.


  2. I am still learning this lesson, too, Sheila. Wanting to be "good" gets in my way all the time! What a time I had today with my painting for the challenge! I finally decided to just keep it simple... that was what the painting seemed to be saying to me... "Just keep it simple, Jim."